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Crossroads Special Event

Edison, NJ - June 2013

Edison Township Board of Education, in conjunction with Community Action Reaches Everyone (C.A.R.E.), will honor students who participated in Crossroads, a peer mentorship program, at Washington School on June 3rd at 3:30 p.m. C.A.R.E. President, Dora Ramos, launched the program in partnership with Dr. Richard O'Malley, Superintendent of Edison Public Schools.

About Crossroads

Crossroads Club is designed to support the academic achievement of recently-exited ESL/Bilingual elementary students through cross-age peer mentoring. Every week, student mentors from Herbert Hoover and Thomas Jefferson Middle Schools team up with students at Washington Elementary School, grades 3-5, while club advisors, Fotini Kousoulis and Regina Paglia-Smoler, facilitate the activities. The club maintains a culturally-responsive environment that stimulates learning and helps students' emotional, social and cognitive development.

Reaching Out

Dora Ramos, founder of Community Action Reaches Everyone (CARE), and Dr. Richard O'Malley initiated Crossroads as an extension of the ESL Saturday Academy, a highly-successful program they created for ESL students and their families. Transitioning from ESL/Bilingual classes to the mainstream can be difficult for youngsters. Without the assistance of in-class support by ESL teachers, the children are overpowered by the demands of the curriculum as well as feeling socially secluded, battling with the abrupt move to full-time immersion. Knowing the complexities these children face motivated Mrs. Ramos and Dr. O'Malley to start this companion-coaching venue.


To learn more about this program, please contact:
1015 Amboy Ave., Unit C
Edison, NJ 08837


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